Tyrell is the type of man that would do anything for the ones who have earn his trust. He’s funny, loyal, kind,passionate ; pretty much and overall good man. At times he can be serious but that’s because that’s just the person he is. He is overprotective of the people he loves especially his true love. He would do anything to make his one love happy. He is a romantic; kind of the guy that would get you flowers because he was thinking of you not because he had to but he wanted to. He takes pride on his work and values what he has accomplished. At times he can be closed about his feelings and that’s not because he does not want to let them show but only the ones he cares for will see that side. He can also be very hard to read at times but he will tell you how it is even though it might hurt your feelings. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s a hard worker and works hard to get what he wants. He is not one to ask for help because he always manages to find a way to make things work. He does have a temper at times but now a days who doesn’t. Don’t ever lie to him or make him lose your trust because to earn his trust is hard. As long as you respect him he will return it but don’t disrespect. He is also very sarcastic and will always find a way to put a smile on your face. Anyone who is with a Tyrell should be very lucky to have him because not only will he love you and give you the world but he will teach you things that no one has thought you before.
Tyrell will love you till the end; just as long as you are loyal to him as he is to you.
by TC101515 December 8, 2018
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Tyrell means amazing. This name stands for an outstanding, ambitious man with a big heart and undeniable compassion.

A man who is loving, charismatic, and stands firm on what he thinks is right. He shares his kindness with those who deserve it. Likes good music, and likes to dance. Tyrell can make for an amazing best friend, and he might even fix your car, since he has the hands of a wise man.
Person1: "I'd like to meet a great person."

Person2: "So you're looking for Tyrell?"
by PrincessJizeru January 19, 2014
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Tyrell is a guy with a heck of a personality. He is witty and smart. He is protective over his close friends and will defend them if they are being hurt. He doesn’t take it very kindly when you try to boss him around. He stands up for what is right. Tyrell Is also pretty charming. He never fails to make anyone laugh and has the contagious type of smile. He is pretty loud because he always has something to say. Everybody likes him because he is great to be around with. He is humorous, charismatic, confident, brave, talented, and very athletic. He is the type that likes to dance and you wouldn’t be surprised if he started dancing randomly. He goes by the nickname Ty or Ty Ty. He loves football and will never miss an opportunity to play but also plays basketball. Not to mention he is great at both sports. He also likes the Panthers. Overall he is a pretty lit person.
Person 1, “That guy has a heck of a personality.”
Person 2, “ Yup, must be a Tyrell.”
by Anonymous KitKat Cat February 11, 2018
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Tyrell can be the most serious guy when it comes to certain things but he has a good humor. He is also very protective over his girl. He his very faithful and caring. He will always come home to her. He is a good dancer and drawer. He would even stay up for hours and hours just to talk to someone he cares about.
Laura: I love him he is faithful and caring
Kanela: he must be a tyrell
by Lil.monkey1103 February 20, 2016
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Excellence, personified in human flesh and wrapped in greatness, with a warm bastard filling. Witty, charismatic and charming. Pefers to be called Ty, thinks Tyrell is his slave name.
Say your name "kunte Kinte". No it's Tyrell "Kunte Kinte"
by blondty February 4, 2010
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Tyrell is usually the sickest motherfucker in the room. Most people named tyrell are a complete lad. The life moto in which they share: fuck bitches get money.
They need to be more like that tyrell guy, he's a fucking lad
by Roblox oft May 29, 2015
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Tyrell is a great guy who always knows the right awnser. He is amazing and super nice. He is never wrong and should always be above everyone around him. He is VERY good looking and is not afraid to yell and scream at any irrelvent person. PERIOD
Tyrell is the best
by Crazykid40 September 21, 2019
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