3 definitions by Lucifer is pissed

Something a douchebag impersonating a French person would say.
Tommy said I'm going to lebang you.

Riddell wants to lebang his prostitute friend Tessa even after she threatened to have him arrested for no apparent reason.

Austin said to the kid watch this porno they're lebang'in.
by Lucifer is pissed December 16, 2013
If you so happen to come across a town called Aledo Illinois turn around quickly.
OMG it's the wretched Aledo Illinois let's get the fuck outta here quick!

Aledo Illinois a town of rednecks, preppy ugh farmer rednecks, and stoner outcasts whom hate the town.
John: Aledo Illinois

Tyrell: Say what the fuck you talkin bout
by Lucifer is pissed December 18, 2013