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A dirty nigger shithole outside of fort worth. A bunch of stupid mexicans and dumb niggers get shipped in to play football for aledo high school which is a stupid nigger retard school. The coach of their football team is a pedo and he fucks little kids who play jr football because he has connections in the towns football. The football team in aledo is a bunch of stupid niggers and truck retards. they get together to smoke K2 and share a freshman girl, the Aledo Football team likes to drunk drive and gang rape young pussy when they arent smoking spice. K2 is aledos number one drug because of all the high school kids who get piss tested and get their cocks fondled by Aledos coaches
Fag:I love aledo and their 20$ a g mids from Chad
by dfsgaa erfc November 10, 2018
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A shithole town in texas that grew like mold around the high school. Heres some keywords for Aledo, Texas:

Xanax, rape, underaged, K2, spice, vaping, juul, DWI, mids, football, trucks
Nigger: where them white girls at
Spic mexican: ey man theyre prolly at Aledo high school lets go bust inside them
by 00000OOO November 11, 2018
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If you so happen to come across a town called Aledo Illinois turn around quickly.
OMG it's the wretched Aledo Illinois let's get the fuck outta here quick!

Aledo Illinois a town of rednecks, preppy ugh farmer rednecks, and stoner outcasts whom hate the town.
John: Aledo Illinois

Tyrell: Say what the fuck you talkin bout
by Lucifer is pissed December 17, 2013
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