1. An alcoholic, anyone whose life centers upon the consumption of alcohol.
2. Me in the summer

P.S. This is the proper spelling of alchie...because Sean (God), Bekah (The Devil), and Drew (The Lord) agreed that it was spelled with an "ie"...not a "y"
Damn!...That alchie just sank his sixth straight cup in beer pong!
by Lord of East P. A. December 4, 2004
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looks like alcohol is that hard to spell

Alchi is also used to describe an alcoholic.
"its better than that sherry i drank at your house"
" you drank that sherry?"
"ya but i think it was cooking sherry"
"your such and alchi"
by Jack Daniels rocks November 15, 2005
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a nickname for an alcoholic; see alchie
"Hey Alchy! How many have you had tonight? Thirty-eight!? Whoa, there! You need at least fifty to call it a night!"
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Someone who consistently submits themsleves to punishment in the form of over indulgence in alchoholic beverages.
Elliot's an alchy.
by Jayz0r April 30, 2003
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"I need some alchy dammit!!!"
-angry drunk dude
by Dave April 1, 2004
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An abbreviated form of "alcohol" ; pronounced "al-key."
Hey man, did you get the alchy for tonight's party?
by Ramona5000 April 30, 2011
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