a person that has birth defects attributed to fetal alcohol syndrome (wierd eyes, malformed body, unusual mental processes)

these people sometimes run in packs known as "alchy packs"
"There's a prime example of a fetal alchy"
by EeeBbb March 13, 2006
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A person you always bring enough alcohol for a party but ends up chugging it all themselves to impress other chicks.
Ben brought ten beers, but ended up drinking all of them to impress sarah. Now he's blowing chunks in the bathroom. Such and Alchy Uncle.
by Kush Mama Ciga October 3, 2017
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Pronounced Al-Kee-Ho. Any alcoholic female that goes to bars just to whore around and get any/all the men to buy her drinks. Usually an early 30's single mom that goes to the bar after working all week with no intention of going home with a guy because she has to go home and be with her kids, but she will never turn down a drink.
I bought the Alchy-Ho drinks all night, then when she found I was out of money she got up and moved on to the next guy.
by Pat Duffy and Scott Little November 30, 2007
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An alcoholic grandmother or an older woman who drinks excessively.
Dang, my alchie-grandma drove her car into someone else's yard while on her way to the liquor store for more wine.

Dude, I love the alchie-grandma on 90210, she's such a biatch!

Kathy Griffin's mom is such an alchie-grandma, she always has a glass of wine with her.
by Himbo Licious September 5, 2008
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Someone who is very inexperienced in drinking beverages containing alcohol.
"Audrey have you ever drank alcohol?"
"Noooooo, I haven't..."
"Ooohhhh so you're a little alchy baby aren't ya?"
by Connaa May 2, 2019
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Alchi (Kurdish-Alji) is a Kurdish (Kurmanji) name which means "Harvested flag"

Al = Flag

Jin = Harvest
by AlchiMiller April 5, 2017
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