1. An alcoholic, anyone whose life centers upon the consumption of alcohol.
2. Me in the summer

P.S. This is the proper spelling of alchie...because Sean (God), Bekah (The Devil), and Drew (The Lord) agreed that it was spelled with an "ie"...not a "y"
Damn!...That alchie just sank his sixth straight cup in beer pong!
by Lord of East P. A. December 3, 2004
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looks like alcohol is that hard to spell

Alchi is also used to describe an alcoholic.
"its better than that sherry i drank at your house"
" you drank that sherry?"
"ya but i think it was cooking sherry"
"your such and alchi"
by Jack Daniels rocks November 14, 2005
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a really lame word that high school kids use to describe alcohol coz they think theyre cool
bbibandrei: aw fuck man bring da alchi to tha party...
others:piss off dude, youre a knobjockey...
by fagxor July 21, 2005
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alchol, cuz alchol is way too hard to spell
you gotta bring your own alchi to this party
by tee December 16, 2003
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The face and physical appearance of an achy that has drank copious amounts of booze, liquor, wine, beer, and spirits for some years - and the effects are showing.

You can spot a person like this a mile away.

Their face is always super red and their nose is bulbous with broken capillaries Their lips are puffy, pale, and drawn into a slobbering grin. Their eyes are all bloodshot and unfocused. Often they have whiskey nubs.
Hutch staggered off his recliner after slamming a forty ounce. He took a huge puff off his pipe packed with Oxy's, then barely made it to the bathroom to vomit.

He peered in the mirror at his haggard alchy face, and then laughed.
by jrubadub July 26, 2010
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