the act of capping, stop do that shit
“i get mad bitches”
you’re ugly as fuck, stop grueling”
by some random tsg mf February 11, 2022
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Girl drool...i.e. the juice a woman secretes from her vagina when turned on.
That girl was so horny I had to use a straw for all the gruel there was.
by Dredd188 January 14, 2021
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Gruel is A water soup, was fed to orphan's as in the movie and book Oliver Twist (also features in a simpsons episode(as Krusty brand Gruel))A greyish colour very water down and often based on potatoes, or wheat and other starch tasting vegies.
Krusty Brand gruel 9 out of 10 orphans can't tell the difference.
by Carrie Henschell January 13, 2005
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Shit Rory would eat
Remember that once Rory said he'd eat gruel? Ya boy got me FUCKED up.
by dopecrit April 15, 2015
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Gruel is Daughter Gruelina's (my child) favorite and only food she’s every or will eat. Her future is so dull I don’t even need glasses to see it.
Gruel is very nutritious.
by Backseat Boss March 17, 2018
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cool and great combined
i heard some totally gruel news!
by jess December 7, 2004
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Used to explain the act of doing something not for current enjoyment and being in an existential state of being living for the sake of continuation.
I go to work I go to the gym and than do a 5 km run and eat chicken and broccoli "Ahh the gruel dude"
by Kea301 October 3, 2020
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