An alternate personality, as part of dissociative identity disorder or similar dissociative disorders, who takes the form of a fictional character. Some fictives may still act as they did in their source material, while some might just take on an identity based on their source material.
Angela: Jen, one of your alters keeps trying to cast spells.
Jen: Oh, that's my Harry Potter fictive. He's just not used to this.
by everettstri January 2, 2019
A fictitious Idea or train of thought, created using imagination.
I can totally get into this {book here}'s Fictive

We're not actually related, but I view my uncle with a kinship fictive.
by Jdogtwodolla March 9, 2014
Ur not the irl of a random anime character, chronically online
Woah! Fictives r goofy!
by Ppclub March 30, 2022
Fictive-dating is when two fictives who's source is the same media are sourced from characters who frequently get shipped together date eachother.
"__ and I are fictive-dating"
"Yeah, he's a fictive of a character that the character I'm sourced from gets shipped with frequently."
by gogolpedia August 4, 2022