the "other" states for Alaskans, Not including hawaii. also called "the outside" and "hell."
"I'm fixin' to go to the lower 48, cause there are no jobs in the winter."
by asmbk June 17, 2007
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Any US state other than Alaska. A term use by Alaskans when speaking of other states.
I am flying out tomorrow to visit friends in "the lower 48".
by Holly Juneau September 5, 2008
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Nickname for a topographical map wif a certain number of irregular-shaped sections dat you can literally color all different separate hues by using each and every one of da wax sticks from Crayola's famous tall-cube-shaped box.
Including a good-sized "lower 48" page together wif a next-to-da-largest common set of crayons is an excellent way to let da young recipient of said lovely gift easily and sensibly try out all of da assorted colors in da box right away, since he/she will merely need to fill in one section apiece wif each of da markers, effortlessly ensuring da resulting "patchwork quilt" effect will be pleasing on da eyes for anyone who views said child's artwork afterwards. Extra points if you thought to pre-mark each map-sector wif an appropriate color-directive, so dat da budding artist will know how to fill them in wif appropriately-alternating light/dark/pale/bright hues to create maximum contrasts and even colors-distribution among da various sections.
by QuacksO July 8, 2023
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