To basically clear a crowded room, party or dance floor by pulling a semi-automatic. Whether you follow through with intentions or simply to make the implication that you'll use it.

This tactic maybe used if you are looking for someone in particular and a crowd blocks your way or others are to eager too to get involved. May get messy, especially if everyone else is strapped.
carLos: Man, your cousin just hit me up, he at tha spot and dat dude dat gave ur sister da handz wit all his peeplez

Terrel:A'ight homie we there, cock tha thing

CarLos: Wat we doin?

Terrel:What you think, we gonna air it out
by Tru King June 19, 2008
I was quick to air it out when betty hopped on my dick.
by jay tek December 5, 2002
Usually when a girl has air in her vagain from intercourse, she might occasionally decide to air it out in order to prevent quefing.
Oooooh baby, i gota air this shit out.

air it out
by sensay March 30, 2006
this is a statement telling one of your buddies to smoke some buds with you.
by Sir Sparks August 3, 2005
To shoot something, most likely with an automatic weapon.
by ICECAPTEN October 17, 2017
Truck driver lingo that describes a woman wearing a dress or skirt with her legs spread wide apart. (Truck drivers can see whats going on in cars as they pass by, even when the they think no one can.)
Hey buddy, check out the white Honda about to pass you, she's airing it out!
by jagmanv1260 October 25, 2009
This term is used to signify getting shot up. Lots of bullet holes in you. It was first used by mobsters in the 20's and 30's.
If you are caught out of bounds in my neighborhood them fools will air you out.
by G. Eazy January 25, 2007