Person granted the access to operate or drive a truck with a legal license.
Poor truck driver sits in a damn truck all day, this is probably his best option for staying fit.

"It's pretty decent money, I think." - /u/Press3000
by jpcaintic July 15, 2015
The sexual act of fucking a girl doggy style then anally fisting her. Then reaching in grabbing your cock with the thin fleshy membrane of her taint and jacking yourself off.

Do so may look like a truck driver shifting gears from a 3rd person point of view. along with the bucking you may get from a bad shift in any automobile.
That girl is a wild fuck i applied the Truck driver and she was still screaming for more.


She was so loose i did the Truckdriver it was the only way i could get off!!!
by Dr. Nil8tor May 15, 2006
A term used for "fisting". in other words,when you fist a girls ass or pussy,you're pulling your arm in and out,going in the same motion as children driving by in a school bus do to a truck driver when they want him to honk. Credit goes out to Jesse Avila for making the word.
the one type of humans in the world who have ultimate and no limitation to their authority on the roads.
policeman: why were you speeding back there sir?

truck drivers: im a truck driver.
by KING PENG July 19, 2008
When a male gives his partiner anal but she is facing away from him and has her arms behind her back in a ring like a stearing wheel, then the male runs around the rooom saying "errrr" like a truck turning her arms when he turns like driving a truck
Bill "I gave her the best truck driver last night"
by KG01 February 4, 2009
What happens when a persons self esteem is as large as his penis - 2 inches - often hitting the road to escape the reality of their life. More often then not you will find a truck driver wearing a cowboy hat and boots and nicknamed "Woody" Ernest saves Christmas.
I think I got a Woody. Or did I marry a Truck Driver.
by Jay Z's generic alternative December 7, 2003
When railing a broad doggy-style, your thumb is inserted into her anus, as you twist your hand back and forth, like steering a truck. Often used as a test for willingness for anal sex, sometimes resulting in the dolphin
I gave Colleen the truck driver last night to see if she was down for some backdoor, but i got the dolphin.
by Killa Money Hacksaw Juggalo January 16, 2009