(n.) Samir Haider... any other "dat dudes" on this website are fakes and phonys. P.S. If anyone tries to steal my alias I will not only prosecute but dick you in the ass with my bellend
Marv: ay yo did you see Samir pimp that sexy ass hoe last night?
Johnny Wilkerson: yeah man DAT DUDE is a pimp ass pimp
by Dat Dude April 19, 2005
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Verb describing a rare phenomenon occurring between two men whereby the man administering butt sex to the other performs a rusty trombone (it is the courteous thing to do), catches the sperm in his hand, slaps the receiver in the face with his jizz-filled hand, and slowly pulls his hand away to create a web-like effect. And hence, man #1 has spidermanned dat dude. This phrase was popularized by the underground rap sensation Cabin Boy's song of the same title, "Spiderman dat dude (9/11 I'm sorry...)(Cabin Boy Tell'em)."
"Sweet sassy molassey, look at those hot buns over there! I would sooo spiderman dat dude!"

by Monkey Butter December 18, 2007
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a title given to person of extraordinary prestige usu. someone who is known for getting things done.
(A limousine pulls up)
Jack- "Say who is that getting out the car"
Tim- "I dont know man"
Someone in the background- "That's Dat Boy, Dat Guy, Dat Dude Rock James. He's about to wreckshop on these cats. Dont let the babyface fool ya. Yo that cat peeps game from a distance like a contact lense. If you need to get something done, hollatcha boy."
by rockjames February 17, 2006
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