When a girl (most of the time) spreads her legs for a big cock to go inside her tight moist pussy
"Yo last night I fucked Jessica as she was ready legs spread for me to go in."
by Cw.lover09 April 11, 2017
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Legend has it this class was offered at Kutztown University of PA. Its said this class was created to prepare the girls for what is inevitable throughout their college experience, especially at KU, also known to some as the University of Clap.
My last girlfriend took Leg Spreading 101 and thank god for that! Its just too bad she cheated on with with that fraternity...and the basketball team...and the baseball team...and..."
by the Walt February 21, 2005
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What the term "manspreading" should have been.

When someone spreads their legs out on a crowded bus or train, thereby preventing other people from sitting. Note that leg spreading only becomes an issue when the bus is around 75% full. Otherwise, leg spread as you so desire, especially if there's only 3-4 people on the bus/train. No one will care.
Me: I hate it when people leg spread on a crowded bus.

Her: Don't you mean manspreading?
Me: No, I mean leg spreading.
by UwUltimateDoge April 9, 2021
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a game played in the 1800s to the early 1900s in which two men strip there pants and sit with spread legs with the feet together and slap each other's testicals tell one admits defeat.
me and my buddy played a game of legs-a-spread I slapped his balls so hard he threw up after
by nds22 March 18, 2014
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The spread leg wiggle you do when your testicle sack sticks to the side of your leg and you have to relieve it.
It was a hot day, my sack was super glued to my thigh. Took a solid three minutes of the spread leg wiggle to fix it.
by catainanarchyinlabuff March 3, 2012
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