not insist on (sth) in a particular case; forego.
We have decided to waive the age-limit for applicants in your case.
by diary May 1, 2005
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When someone or something gets ignored or disregarded.
David: I have to get these reports done by 5 PM
Thomas: It's a waive off!!

Thomas: What's the process to submit this form?
Randy: I've already told you 3 times, you're such a waive off.

David: Aren't you going to finish that project.
Travis: I waived it off.
by Travis676 April 10, 2007
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When an individual decides to pay for everyone he or she is with when in social situations involving costs, fees, bills, cover charges, VIP tables, tips, etc.
"Hey do I owe you any money from last nights VIP table?" "No you are good, I was Waiving Fees."
by GFYcrew May 1, 2015
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This term itself came from sports but ultimately there is a MANDARIN CHINESE WORD that is related to another MANDARIN CHINESE WORD that in turn the second MANDARIN CHINESE WORD is related to an ENGLISH word which in turn is related to a VITAL ACTION.

it can be the start of many problems of all kinds.

Another definition is a complete obviation worse than isolation from everyone.
Many have waived off a lot of things they should not have done as in MANDARIN it is BOLANG body odor WOLF in ENGLISH this word means get lost and another Mandarin word part of last word means WOLF but in ENGLISH spelled backwards it is FLOW where LANG is pronounced LUNG ;given this fact as being a VAXHOLE is a risk you take for it is VITAL your LUNGS have FLOW.

Be careful as don't be too HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF as WAIVED OFF can occur.

When they found out this DIRTY LITTLE SECRET about me I everyday am fighting WAIVED OFF from happening.
by PRIME ASSHOLE April 4, 2021
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The act of not requiring someone to bid one or more other humans farewell if doing so would be too emotionally distressing. Or the uncomfortable person himself decides to just "sneak out early" before others are awake to observe his departure, so that he doesn't have to endure the whole "long tearful parting" crap that would otherwise be "socially mandatory" if the other folks knew he was leaving.
A prime example of "waiving goodbye" is related in the classic "origin of the yodel" joke: the traveler heads out "at first cock's crow" from the farmer's barn where he'd been sleeping overnight, so that there wouldn't be any embarrassing --- and possibly dangerous! --- explaining to do if the farmer's wife and/or daughter decided to do any joyful "crowing" of their own about the wonderful things that the traveler had performed with his own "cock" on them the previous evening when they had separately gone out to the barn to bring him food and wine for his supper.
by QuacksO August 4, 2019
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