as far as i know
"When will the page be back?"
"afaik in 2 hours"
by Macho January 12, 2003
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As Far as I Know
No, Peter hasn't submitted his TPS report yet afaik but I haven't talked to him in an hour.
by supermoogle March 25, 2011
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afaik, as far as I know, means as far as I know
Four Tet schooled with them afaik
by onthatthingmistertumnus August 11, 2010
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As Far As I Know
+ Does Diana work at the Restaurant?.
- As far as I know (afaik) she doesn't.
by Criptini May 26, 2021
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Hubert: Hey man, how'd it go with Deborah last night?
Randy: Yeah bro, it was awesome. She gave me some good head, and when I was about to splurge, she AFAIK'd.
by 420alldayerrday247 August 31, 2010
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Acronym for "As Far as I Know". It's used as an abbreviation for the 280-character tweet when you want to save space.
Friend: How did you do on the MCAT?

Me: I'd be lucky if I got a 499, afaik.
by Funky Kong "ULALALALALAYYYYYY" February 9, 2020
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As Far As I Know, to my knowledge
They have not booked the airline tickets yet, AFAIK.
by anil mohan April 10, 2008
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