When shit's so fucked up, you can't describe it.
by nkoppk15 December 9, 2013
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As opposed to a figurative fuck.
After the Orlando shooting, Sophia Bush tweets Donald Trump, "Shut the actual fuck up!"
by VanderV February 13, 2017
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An expression demonstrating one's mental disturbance at the sight or sound of something very strange.
(Bob walks in on his mother listening to One Direction)

Bob: The actual fuck, mom!
by Beary the bear bear February 18, 2014
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THE main phrase used by Norman “Nick”. He usually uses this line when he feels like something really fucked up was conspired against him. This is a common way that Norman “Nick” voices his displeasure.
*the avetards broke into Norman “Nick”’s room and brought his PS4 downstairs so they could play in the living room*
Norman “Nick”: “Yo did y’all steal my PS4 and bring it downstairs?”
Noah: “Um, possibly”
Norman “Nick”: “Dude, you know that's actually fucked up, right?”
Norman “Nick”: “Yo Henry, that's actually fucked up right?”
by TurnM3Up April 16, 2020
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What in the actual fuck?!? To describe a sence of shock and confusion about the reality of your situation.
Your phone was connected to wifi then suddenly disconnects without reason, your chair was there a minute ago and now its gone. What in the ACTUAL fuck.
by Dirtprincess33 February 16, 2014
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First coined by Danish writer Søren Kierkegaard, a technical philosophical phrase, employed primarily in metaphysical and existentialist discourses, to draw a sharp distinction between actual fucks and merely potential fucks.
Person online: I would like to express an opinion on which reasonable minds may differ.
SK: what in the ACTUAL fuck
Twitter: omg all the rts
by urbanexistentialist February 7, 2015
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Take a standard "What the fuck?", multiply by a level of disbelief or incredulity, and then you have "What the ACTUAL fuck?".
Someone parks in two spaces, you exclaim "What the ACTUAL fuck?",
Someone gets up in your face, you shout "What the ACTUAL fuck?".
by DollyDolittle May 27, 2011
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