accessory required for a particular activity. The definition varies depending on context. For example, at a party it may refer to one's "works" (razors, lighters, straws) which are necessary to prepare drugs for use. During sex, it could refer to condoms, lube, toys, etc.
Does anyone have a bill, I forgot to bring my accoutrements!
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
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"accoutrements" is a French word that means "getup" in its origin country, but means "paraphernalia" in Urban English. (see the "brooklyn516" definition for the complete definition).
"attirail" is the French equivalent of the Urban English word "accoutrements"
Bring your accoutrements with you while coming, I can't find mines to repair the machine.
by Loup Solitaire November 11, 2007
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A word, that weird people use to describe clothing or something else on the body.
Look! The weird guy is talking about his accoutrements again.
by koleon03 November 06, 2019
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A pretentious expression used to describe one's personal collection of items used to enhance masturbation. (Dirty magazines, dildoes, lubricant etc.)

A way of describing an unenthusiastic sexual partner.
Also can be used to describe how one felt during sexual relations with an untalented or selfish partner.
Once I've retrieved my collection of masturbatory accoutrements, I shall commence with the jerking of my jizzer.

We were sleeping together, but she always just laid there. She was more like a masturbatory accoutrement than a fuck buddy.

All he wanted to do was get off and then leave. For all the pleasure I got out of it, I felt more like a masturbatory accoutrement than someone who'd just gotten laid.
by dumbslut August 10, 2006
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Dad: Honey, assemble your belongings, we need to leave.
Daughter: What?
Dad: S'il vous plais, accoutre-merde! Tout suit, mon petite dejuener!
Daughter: Oh, ok, I'll get ready to leave right now...
by Sketchy the Benz April 15, 2008
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