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Jamaican slang

To persuade or convince someone to do something. To trick someone.
Pill yah try fi pill man?

My girl a pill yah give me! You issa wicked piece of gal.
by Tropical Rythms December 13, 2021
Me come from upat one place called George Town.
If you go upat the supermarket, you can get 3 fi 190 dollars.
by Tropical Rythms December 11, 2021
Dead with laugh is an equivalent of lol used in Jamaica. Both are equally used to represent laughing in an exaggerated manner.

Abbreviation in text dwl
Not used in speech.

Origin: dying from laughter
Could you tell me a joke from your country?

Jamaican teacher to student:

Peter, use the word dandelion in a sentence

Peter: Miss the cheetah is faster dan de lion. Dwl (dead with laugh)
by Tropical Rythms December 12, 2021
Batty jaw refers to the butt cheeks, arse or buttocks of a person/animal.

Origin from botty (plural botties)

(childish, slang) for bottom.
Clap your batty jaws, them.

You need to wear a better shorts to cover up your batty jaw.
by Tropical Rythms December 10, 2021
Jamaican term for the youngest sibling in a family ; the last born.
You see him deh. That's my wash belly. He's 20 years old now. But, I still treat him like my baby.
by Tropical Rythms December 13, 2021
Time to go link up my bunner man. Haffi get my nails done today.
by Tropical Rythms October 12, 2019
Any situation that will result in commotion with a person or take a bad turn quickly.
Hmm right now when Jorgy gets back ah hell and powder house. Look how you damaged the crops in the yard.
by Tropical Rythms May 8, 2020