Abbreviation of art credits. Same meaning at photo credits (PC) but for art (e.g., drawings, paintings, etc).
Me: Hey James, where's my AC for your profile pic? Give me my AC.

James: Nah, too much work.
by Asyetious July 27, 2015
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Originating from the initials of a renowned technical wizard, the term AC is used when describing feats of legendary accomplishment.
Person 1: Oh, so how good of a job did that guy do anyway?
Person 2: Mate...This guy whipped out an AC out of nowhere...this guy is the real deal
Person 1: No kiddin' huh? Man, I gotta buy that guy a beer
Person 2: The fact that you'd buy him a beer and not the entire keg offends me good sir
Person 1: Apologies, i don't know what got into me
by psuedoRando October 11, 2016
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term for Armor Class, in video games, or how hard it is ti hit your character. Used almost exclusively in RPG's
My AC is so high I can't even hit myelf.
by justin L. May 25, 2005
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Abbreviated forms
1. Abbreviated for "Air Condition"
2. Area Code

Scientific Term
1. The Symbol for the Element "Actinium"
2. Alternating Current

1. ante cibum - Before meals
1. Turn up the AC it's freakin BOILING out!
2. "Holeh crap! lets mix the Ac with the Br Br is Bromine in case you wanted to know!!!"
by Meechiful November 16, 2005
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A pootie ass ckrip gang that need their homeboys to fade 1v1. Asian Ckrip. or Ass Ckrack with members who arnt even asian.
fuck Asian CKrip Gang and lcg little crip girls
by Biff Charles III March 17, 2005
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