An all round sexy beast that has a huge horsecock.
Did u see that flier kid?

No why

His horsecock hangs out
by Horsey 69 January 6, 2017
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Putting up fliers which you have created for some event.
The group responsible for the teach-in went fliering all over town the rest of the afternoon.
by emjan3 October 16, 2007
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1) Commonly, someone who is a repeat user of a product or service, regardless of the nature of the business.

2) In healthcare, someone who is frequently showing up for similar injuries or disorders. Often, this is applied specifically in the world of drug and alcohol rehabilitation (rehab) to somebody who has tried to get sober (clean up or dry out) but has had frequent relapses. According to current statistics, the majority of addicts (80%) are likely to relapse after the first try.
1)“You watch the register, I’ll take care of Mr. Jones. Don’t worry, I’ve already got his order. It’s the same thing every day. He’s one of our frequent fliers.”

2)“Looks like we’ve got Sandy back again. Room 5. Yup, heroin again. We’ve got her on some Seroquel and an Ativan drip, so at least she’s calm this time. She’s another one of our frequent fliers.”
by Nurse Kitten August 19, 2005
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The flem that accidentally flys out of your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

most common with smokers
i just sneezed and the biggest freedom flier i've ever seen landed right on your dashboard.
by Jimmy McCarthy March 27, 2007
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Someone who is constantly high on cheap or unreliable drugs, such as Pot or Crack
Hey look at that high guy!
Yeah, he's a frequent flier
by BigBallsMcgee August 22, 2005
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Someone who you end up going home with after every party.
Are you and her dating?
Nah man, she's just my frequent flier.
by howdoichangemyusername May 2, 2020
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Somebody who uses class A drugs often.

i.e is frequently flying
Is John ok, he looks like he needs an ambulance ?

No, he's used to this kind of thing, he's a frequent flyer.
by Dobby August 19, 2005
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