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Voluntaryism is the belief that all interaction should be voluntary and, by necessity, free of external coercion. It is heavily related to te NAP due to it's rejection of initiating force against others while still allowing for defensive actions.

Another key aspect to voluntaryism is self ownership: each individual owns him/herself and is therefore responsible for their own actions. Furthermore, no person or group has any legitimate claim to excersizing control over, or otherwise placing restraints on, the actions of others so long as the person's actions do not violate the equal rights of others.
Being a believer in voluntaryism, I am against the war on drugs, the death penalty, and all other government action because they all violate equal rights and force various involuntary interactions on individuals and groups.
by Ancap4life July 09, 2014
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A person who rejects the myth of authority. Some who who knows that all interactions between human beings should be voluntary without coercion of the state.

2. An anarchist
I was walking down the street talking peacefully with my friend when a pig tried to harass us. I said, "Fuck the establishment" and continued my voluntaryism
by AnCapBrandon August 23, 2015
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