Electronics; Alternating Current;
A current which follows the pattern of a Sine wave. The voltage increases, reaches a peak, dips, goes into the negative, reaches a trough, curves up again back through 0 Volts into positive.

A.C. is used as a mains voltage supply because it can be efficiently stepped up and down from the power plant and can be transported through relatively small cables across the country due to the current being stepped down and the voltage increased to around 270kV so you get the same power, but you dont need huge cables. See also D.C.

2) "Music;" Anal Cunt;
Grindcore Band
1) "The mains supply in Britain is 240V A.C."

KYLE: "Ohhh, Anal Cunt r teh uber pwnage!" *Gunges all over C.D. case*
FLETCH: "Nay."
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
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n. abbreviation for Acura (type of car made by Honda)
That chick drives a pimp ass Acura Legend...dizaaaaam!
by dmplesUT December 11, 2002
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Abbreviation:Apes Communication System

If one can't be bothered to talkn talks in sign language.Also used when under distress,eg.acting out murdering something or bashing something with a hammer when disstress or annoyed at a particuler situation.
In the simpsons, when Homer is angry with 'the boy' he chokes 'the boy' this action or similar, minus 'the boy' this is a clear example of A.C.S
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
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How to tell if you're a nerd:
When hearing the letters AC you think of Asheron's Call.
by yeah June 24, 2003
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The world is a better place now that the AC’s completed a mission from God in the Adirondack Mountains and purged the world of iniquity for a small period of time.
by Records Keeper August 11, 2006
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Abbreviation for : Asheron's Call.

An operating system for the program Decal.
"I run Decal and play games without playing them!"
"I use AC to run it."
"AC? wtf?"
"Asheron's Call, decals operating system, it's essential for decal. I bought a copy so I could test my macro's"
"Omfg cool"
by Angel Ashley of Morningthaw March 15, 2003
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