Audible Chuckle. Since LOL is so often used in instances when the user has not in reality "lauhged out loud", AC can be used as a more truthful alternative.
George: "Man, that was so funny! lol"
John: "Did you really lol?"
George: "Nah, I didn't. AC"
by dhomas April 29, 2009
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AC is referred to a person with stupid acts, basically a bad seed out of a group.
by johnconner March 15, 2009
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Alternating Current
Your Horny current is alternating, you swing both ways.
also known as "bi" or "bisexual"
"that guy had a girl on one arm and another guy on the other, he musta been AC.
by ThomasCock August 28, 2010
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Someone tell that plumber to pull up his pants, his AC is showing.
by sexual harrisment October 15, 2007
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One who is on the broader autistic spectrum, including but not limited to those with autism, Asperger's, hyperlexia, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. This definition is sometimes extended to include those with AD(H)D.
The group was open to all ACs, whether professionally or self diagnosed with anything from classic autism to PDD-NOS.
by InvisibleK October 12, 2005
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