AC is usually said in vine edits and it stands for "Audio Credit"
by PhilophobicHunter May 11, 2016
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Alternating Current

This type of electrical current is called alternating because it switches direction. Direct current (DC) is often seen as the opposite of AC since DC only flows in one direction. Alternating current is used in most applications including the electricity that comes out of the outlet in your wall.
The AC flowing through this wire will kill you.
by IIT Deep June 21, 2005
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Audio Credit (mainly used for edits)
by lastJBD July 28, 2018
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Allied Chat. Used in some online multiplayer games to instruct team-mates to turn on allied chat or to signify that you have turned on allied chat.
ac, ac on, turn on ac.
by K August 11, 2004
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ac- Audible Chuckle

A acronym for 'audible chuckle' as to be used in text messaging or chat.
As opposed to using 'lol'. Which is often used to represent when the user audibly chuckles at the response of the of other user. The user very rarely laughs out loud at the response but rather audibly chuckles.

In simple terms, what 'lol' should really be. Also, its shorter.
person 1: We always knew you could get AIDS from sex. Bill Clinton discovered you can get sex from aides
person 2: AC

In general terms,
person 1: {Funny statement}
person 2: ac
by simplestarwarsfan April 1, 2011
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Stands for audibly cackling. Pronounced “ack”. Coincidentally also an onomatopoeia for the sound some people make while laughing. Typically typed, not spoken.
My friend made me ac today.”

(Someone sends joke) “Acacacacac”
by lll\ August 5, 2018
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a term used to describe a person who identifies as both asexual (ace) and aromantic (ace), and also has a strong interest in keeping track of important dates, particularly birthdays. An Ace Ace individual typically does not experience sexual or romantic attraction towards others, but they have a talent for remembering and acknowledging significant events in people's lives.
"My friend is an Ace Ace, so they don't have any interest in dating or romance, but they always remember everyone's birthdays and make sure to send them a message or a gift."

"I thought it was strange when my coworker told me they were Ace Ace, but then I noticed they had a calendar on their desk with everyone's birthday marked and I realized they just have a really good memory!"
by teasoups March 31, 2023
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