Also known as market anarchy or voluntarism/voluntaryism.

It's the idea that only voluntary cooperation (trade, the market) are legitimate forms of human interaction.

An anarcho-capitalist therefore envisions arbitration, security and defense to be solved through competing market agents instead of forceful territorial monopolists (as all statists including minarchists defend).
Do ACists support voting for Ron Paul?
by Nielsio January 15, 2008
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Anti-chill; any behavior that completely violates the essence of chill.
Robbie: I'm so fucking pissed I didn't close last night, such bullshit. Get the fuck away from me.
Ethan: Relax, dude. You're being AC. Get off your ass and let's get fucked up with the boys.
Robbie: That's pretty eeb, but minus well.
by mcchex December 18, 2013
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A 1991-1995 Acura Legend. Usually still in use by pimps and thugs do to its spacious interior, pimped out sound system, and general bling blingness.
that brutha's rollin in an Ac
by Rob June 23, 2003
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Homosexual or Bi-Sexual. Urban take on the literal term Alternating Current abbreviated A C. The term D C would mean someone that is straight.
Stephen King's book "The Talisman" has the lead character telling a man who's making a pass at him "No thanks, I'm strictly D C" to which the man replies "You think I'm A C?"
by nuke-marine September 06, 2006
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Abbreviated form of Atlantic City. Used by suburban kids to sound like they're urban kids when talking about Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City is a resort on the Southern New Jersey shore famous for its boardwalk, its casinos, its beaches, and also for White House Subs.
Yo, there's a party up in AC. Wanna go?


Sorry, man, I gotta go to the doctor's in AC tomorrow. We'll do lunch some other time.


-Dude, the waves are huge in AC!
-Which beach?
-Mississippi Avenue. Let's go!
by Antonius October 11, 2004
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Abbreviation for 'Armor Class'. In the latest edition of DnD, AC is a number which signifies the difficulty of hitting a target in combat; the higher the number, the harder it is.
It was impossible to hit that guy. His AC was /way/ too high.
by Grimrider December 06, 2002
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Allied Chat. Used in some online multiplayer games to instruct team-mates to turn on allied chat or to signify that you have turned on allied chat.
ac, ac on, turn on ac.
by K August 11, 2004
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