Albert Camus, one of the pioneers of absurdism, once said, "Should I kill myself or, have a cup of coffee?"
by darthvishous November 13, 2017
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The philosophical conflict between a man’s tendency to seek hot bitches in life and the inability to find any. This term was first coined by Albert Camus through his works regarding Absurdism, a philosophy he popularized largely throughout the 1940’s.
Man 1: “Hey man, where did all the hot bitches go?”

Man 2: “I don’t know man, It seems as though they’ve been wiped off the face of the earth.”

Man 1: “Fuck, It looks like we’ve just nosedived straight into The absurd.”

Man 2: “Oof.”
by Hot Bitch On Mars July 3, 2018
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unreasonable, illogical, silly, joking(absurd combined with kidding)
Person1: Youre going to summer school
Person2: Are you absurding me, no way!
by LeCapitainSmith November 6, 2011
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a word meaning ridiculous, commonly used by the character snape.
could someone be a portkey? no, thats absurd
by pigfarts headmaster August 24, 2010
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Hym "I'm glad the absurdity of the world continues to keep me (morally) in the clear. The Lizzard is doing God's work over there. Hahaha! That is great. You guys are the fucking worst. First you try to win the game. Now you're trying to prove that you're right. Why not just cut your losses and take the 'L'? 'We ShOuLdN't HaVe To LoSe To YoU!!! yOuR'e NoT bEtTeR tHaN aLl Of Us!!!' Oh! Be careful! That sounds familiar! You're starting to sound like ME! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Holy shit! This. Is. Priceless. You HAVE to see how ridiculous this is! There is no way you don't! Hahaha! I can't! I just can't! Why do you guys have to be like this? And on a different note; swollen? Really!? You gotta do better than that! You're almost as bad a Shuuji over there! It does hurt a little bit though. When I bite or open my jaw. Ouch. I appreciate you thinking about me though. Whatever makes you feel better about the situation. Anywho... I wild. And to think, if I hadn't been hired to work in a sex cult none of us would be here right now. I still wouldn't be getting any but I'd probably be striving valiantly toward the future and you wouldn't know I existed. I'd still have people following me but think of all the things that wouldn't have been if I had kept my mouth shut. Hahahahahahaha aha aha! Hoooooo... This is tragic. Truly and seriously tragic."
by Hym Iam June 15, 2022
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