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Does not exist. You're thinking of 'Absinthe', fools.

Hint: Before you try to show off your knowledge of potent liqueurs, learn to spell it.
"Absinth is liek totaly dangerus n green."
by Sepherenia March 29, 2005
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A green liquid containing 60-80% alcohol and wormwood absinth. Good absinth (illegal in most countries) can cause hallucination. Bad absinth just gets you really wasted. Many people believe absinth was the cause of a lot of old French guys going crazy in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Stanford Tri Delt was straight tore up when I was sober, but as I downed more and more absinth, she magically transformed to beat to slightly below average to nothing to write home about to blowed. Then I got her indabutt and was very surprised when I woke up next to a disgusting pig the next morning.
by Nick D December 04, 2003
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Absinth is a modern product originating in the 1990s.

Absinth is produced mainly in the Czech republic where it gets its Bohemian moniker. It doesn't contain anise, fennel or other herbs normally found in absinthe and can be extremely bitter. Often the only similarity is the use of wormwood and a high alcohol content, and it should be considered a different product. Since there are currently few legal definitions for absinthe, producers have taken advantage of its romantic associations and psychoactive reputation to market their products under a similar name. Many Bohemian style producers heavily market thujone content, exploiting the myths that surround thujone even though none of them contain enough thujone to cause a noticeable effect.
Absinth Gets you good and drunk, But no Green Fairy.
by Beuford March 20, 2006
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Absinth is a liqour that ranges in alcohol levels from 120 to 160 proof. Eastern European absinth contains a hallucinogen, Wormwood that really fucks you up. contrary to popular believe, absinth is not always green, like it is in EuroTrip. Absinth comes in blue, red and most popular green (a.k.a Green Fairy). In the Czech Republic, one can buy a 1 liter bottle of absinth in the grocery store for 230 Czech Korunas (crowns) or about $10 USD. Don't try to drink it alone, anyone who has knows that it has the taste and consistency of Shampoo. Dipping a spoon in absinth and then the spoon in sugar helps on down it more effectively.
Absinth gets scotty hammered in EuroTrip.
by pdzeller March 27, 2005
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a green liquor that makes you hallucinate and see crazy things. Homeland Europe and Asia. It is illegal in many countries because of its effects.
Absinth is one fucking crazy drink that makes you see crazy things
by LilJOnwhattt: July 15, 2005
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70% Alcohol drink. Green Colour. It FUGGS YOU UP NIGGA! Mostly drank by rich russians who club every night.
"Pavel took 7 shots of absinth at the infiniti last week"
by Alex June 01, 2004
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