(animal) the first damn word in the dictionary...not that i read the dictionary...
aardvarks are super ugly
by FuckAnarchy907 June 29, 2006
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Why the hey does aardvark have two 'a's in it anyway???
by anna_banana897 June 4, 2005
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A man amogst men. well known and considered a plug in most circles. The kind of guy who gets a high from talking to people.
Aardvark went 3 days without sleep because he was too busy getting high just talking to people.
by Haardvark November 4, 2018
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a medium sized insectivore with protruding nasal implement
If I ever meet an aardvark I'm going to step on its nasal implement so that it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it
by Prof. Ainsley McIntyre November 7, 2005
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A girl with such a long nose that when she deep throats you her nose is pushed aside in your pubes like an aardvark forging for ants.
Holy shit, look at that nose, what an aardvark!
by Brian H November 6, 2004
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1. The main character and his family on the extremely good cartoon show known as "Arthur". You might mistake him for a mouse at first but if you love him this much, you'll soon know he's an aardvark from the PBSkids website and the illustrations on some of the "Arthur" books by Marc Brown. So get it straight, HE ISN'T A MOUSE!

2. One of the first words of the dictionary, if not possibly the second or third, after "a" and "aa" (that is if there is the word "aa".) Sorry guys, I don't read/pay attention to the dictionary and I am not planning to soon. What kind of loser does that?? Not saying I'm not one myself...
In one episode of "Arthur", Arthur is at a Spelling Bee where he spells himself, "A-A-R-D-VARK!" with a nice, in-tune rhythem.
by elle February 12, 2005
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