On acing spelling tests in junior years of education it is custom to receive sweets.
To reach, "Spelling Bee", status, one must have been so good at spelling that they consumed so many sweets and have now reached a state of obesity.
Ashleigh: Look how big that person is, man, that's insane!
Tony: She must have won the Spelling Bee four years running...
by Jamonite. January 13, 2010
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Spelling competition for grades four through eight.
I almost one my school's spelling be twice, but fell short both times.
by Diggity Monkeez February 3, 2005
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The most boring 3-hour competition anyone has ever been to.
by ZDF Looder November 26, 2014
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1. A spelling competition in which the participants have to spell the words orally, and sometimes (especially for the finalists) in front of an audience.

2. A character in Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, which is a play as well as a book. The main character is a boy named Milo, who leads a boring, predictable life, until a magic tollbooth appears in his room, and he goes to the worlds of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis. The spelling bee is, literally, a spelling bee-- an actual bee who spells words as he speaks them. The Phantom Tollbooth is a fantastic "children's" book, though adults can enjoy it as well, as they will get more of its jokes.
Sidenote that has nothing to do with understanding the definition, but is cool: my name is Rachel, and The Phantom Tollbooth was the play my class did in 5th grade. I was the spelling bee. The only other person I have ever met who even knew there WAS a play, was also named Rachel, also did the play in 5th grade, and was also the spelling bee. We are the same age, so it is possible that we were rehearsing and learning our lines simultaneously, though we didn't meet until we were cabin-mates at camp a few years later.
1. Person running the spelling be: Okay, the next word is "antidisestablishmentarianism."
Poor little 4th grader: Ummmmm..... come again?
(because most 4th graders don't say: WTF? How the hell am I supposed to spell that, I can't even pronounce it!)

2. The spelling bee is the best part in The Phantom Tollbooth, seeing as how the other leads were divided into 3 or 4 parts, including a sex change for Milo.
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
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phonetic expression of the second letter of the english language's alphabetic system.. subordinate to 'Aay'... or is it 'Csee...?'
spelling bee is easy. Spelling, T. is an actress...
by somethingplex1 December 27, 2011
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This is a term coined by Demarcus Cousins refering to the David versus Goliath match up of Kentucky and Cornell, or as it was coined by The Boston Globe as the Smart kids versus Dumb Kids.
The reporter asked Demarcus Cousins "Have you heard of that they are calling this game the Smart Kids vs. The Dumb kids?" He replied with "This ain't a Cornell Spelling Bee, this is basketball."
by This Ain't No Spelling Bee March 25, 2010
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The time where nerds can show off how much their mom makes them read the dictionary, or where some people wonder how they even got there, the Spelling Bee is your literature teacher giving you a random word like Mclntosh to spell out loud so she makes sure the public humiliation is working. Why do you think the literature teacher is so awful?
Boy, I just can't wait for the School Spelling Bee, maybe I won't spell cardboard wrong.
by Sparky_Cat November 2, 2019
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