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A bus that people who can't spell derogatory take.
If you can't spell derogatory then you probably ride the short bus.
by W December 21, 2004

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One of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. He has a discinctive, highly observational, comedic style. Uses little to no profanity in his act, unlike most other stand-up comedians.

Starred in his own wildly popular tv sitcom Seinfeld, which ran for nine seasons (1990-1998).
Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic genius.
by W August 04, 2004

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A person, usually a porn actress, trying hard to avoid a facial cum shot.
Too bad she's a cum dodger.
by W August 04, 2004

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A euphemism for "black" when referring to people. Used by politically correct morons who are afraid to use proper language in fear of offending someone.
Moron: He's African-American right?
Me: No, he's BLACK.
by W August 03, 2004

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Giving yourself a suckjob
Tom loves performing the angry cobra.
Tom performs the angry cobra at work.
by W November 01, 2004

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In Britain it means hard work
working construction is aardvark
by W December 30, 2003

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High School where sluts are found at every locker. In Sports if they don't win, they use the excuse this is our first year with a graduating class. If you don't have 22" rims ur still a virgin.
In 5 years all the girls will work at The Doll House.
by W February 13, 2005

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