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When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her in the face and then scream TONY DANZA!!!
Oh man, I totally pwned Jeff's girlfriend last week when I gave her a Tony Danza.
by Brian H September 13, 2005

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A human being, usually unable to determine the sex, mainly because their hair is of medium length, and they wear make-up, male or female. Usually can be found attempting to look "punk" with handkerchiefs hanging out of their pockets and a necktie around their neck even if they are wearing a T-shirt.

They can be found listening to Emo-screamo music, which usually involves the discussion of loving someone so much that you would cut your wrists for them, IN EVERY SONG. Emos demonstrate affection by hugging everyone they see because they cannot tell if their counterparts are boys or girls.

Emos can also be found next to cigarette vending machines because every single one of them enjoys a good puff, and being around everyone that smokes makes them feel accepted. They also enjoy spazzing out to their emo-screamo songs, and they're form of "dancing" usually looks like they are having a seizure.
"dude, that chick is having a seizure, call 911!"

"no moron, that's an Emosexual male listening to his screamo music"
by Brian H January 22, 2005

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military use: a situation where nothing will go right, casaulties will occur, evac will not happen, often engineered by the stupid.
"The Bradley got brewed up at the same time inbound arty started dropping, and the whole deal turned into a giant cluster fuck.
by Brian H March 14, 2002

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A girl with such a long nose that when she deep throats you her nose is pushed aside in your pubes like an aardvark forging for ants.
Holy shit, look at that nose, what an aardvark!
by Brian H November 06, 2004

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A guy who is so fuckin good at sex, that he only needs three things, a condom, a nose plug, and earplugs. Mainly because he hates the stench of burning rubber and the sound of screaming bitches.
Holy shit, that guy is so Riggs!

Wow, that guy howns everyone, he is so Riggs, all the bitches want him.
by Brian H November 06, 2004

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When a chick wants to go anal with you, instead of lube, use instant tanning lotion. It'll feel the same, but when you're done, she'll have a semi-permanant orange ring around her asshole, and she'll have no idea that it's there!
I knew Sara had cheated on me, so before I dumped her, I gave her a golden starfish
by Brian H October 26, 2005

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A guy who prefers screwing fat chicks, simple as that. Ahab is a reference to the captain of the ship that was chasing the giant white whale in Moby Dick.
That chick was so huge she had her own gravitational force and that guy that left with her had to be an ahab
by Brian H October 25, 2005

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