a warm exhalation on the crotch of the person's pants or under garments of the person you're about to perform oral sex on.
1. Yeah, sally gave me a blowjob last night. It was great, she started me off with a warm welcome ... yeah.

2. OMG, he totally gave me a warm welcome before he tore off my panties and ate me out ... yeah.
by wuntoothrie November 21, 2011
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The act of hugging someone tight and then urinating in your pants.
Sarah has a thing for pee, so she asked me to give her a warm welcome.
by C for proof November 2, 2014
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A sexual act where during a 69 session, the male farts and then uses his leg to put his partner into a headlock forcing her/him to bask in the sulphuric glory that is his flatulence. This preferably happens under a blanket
I gave my wife a warm welcome last night, and now she wants a divorce.
by You bee itches May 9, 2019
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A warm welcome is when you go to the master bathroom,turn off the water to the toilet,flush all the water out,take a dump,wipe your ass,then put the used paper between the pages of a magazine,or trashcan.turn the water back on,turn on the heater,and lock the door behind you.
Me and Jethro were at Flo's party the other night,she ran out of food and drink,so Jethro decided to leave her a Warm Welcome as a reminder to get it right next time!
by bigeasyone September 14, 2009
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The act of farting while simultaneously sitting on a toilet. The air becomes pressurized in the bowl and blows through your legs and up into your face. Essentially Farting into your own face. Creating the effect of a warm welcome to the throne.
As I sat down to dump out, I blasted a huge fart into the depths. From the darkness my honor was accepted, and the winds of approval came shooting back betwixt my parted legs. My hair blew in the stinking wind as I received a warm welcome, and I was home.
by ToM_Builder_ October 17, 2020
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She gave me a very warm welcome
by Chevvers March 27, 2008
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the act of shooting sperm on a random person
Stan and mergret were in the midde of intercourse, after hearing a knock on a door, it was a police and he splurt sperm,

The policemen said that he was going to give a ticket for parking at the wrong place but hes being arrested for Assult of warm kentucky welcome
by periroast August 27, 2016
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