Me: (opens unlocked bathroom door) OH GOD DAMNIT! Lock the door next time dude, jesus
by Dubiks April 21, 2019
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A party or an engagement where a group of females are made available to a group of males to perform sexual acts at a cost. Usually this type of activity is illegal and the person(s) running the engagement are forced to lock the doors after all of the participants have arrived.
Yo! I just heard about this lock door, tonight. You wanna go?
by SharifB February 27, 2008
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After you have sex with a woman, and you put a crazy amount of super glue in the vagina and cover it up with duck tape.
Parker found out that his girlfriend fucked their mailman so he gave her a Locked Door after they had sex for 3 hours. Three years to the day, no one has been able to unlock Stacy's door...
by whorsemen({})96 March 11, 2011
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A bathroom with a door that locks. These bathrooms are not meant to contain more than one person in them at a time. Even if one person is only washing his/her hands it is considered taboo to enter a lock-door bathroom.

Commonly found in convenience stores, and fast food restaurants where space is limited. These can be found in a variety of modus operandi including, but not limited to, unisex, and handicapped.
"Brandon, don't go in that bathroom. It's a lock-door bathroom and someone is already using it. You don't 2-person in a lock-door bathroom."
by Che Stevini October 5, 2009
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a saying for almost any occasion: silly response

-when you see a tweaker

-when you see 12 (fuck 12)
example 1:
Landon: " I just got suspended for smoking weed in the bathroom"
Madigan: "Lock your doors"

example 2:
Roleigh: "there's a tweaker crossing 141"
Madigan: "Lock you doors"
by Marty markbride May 20, 2019
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