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after fucking so long and so hard, and it was so good,when you have to get up to go get a snack and you walk around the room like a newborn deer.
man,the other night I picked up this chick at the bar,we fucked so long I got deer legs!
by bigeasyone March 07, 2010
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The jerking motion of the drivetrain of a vehicle.This action occurs after you put into a gear.
Dude,when I put my car into gear,my shit be jeckin'!!! I need to take it to the shop and see what's wrong with it.
by bigeasyone June 13, 2010
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A slow harassing stare by means of wheeled transportation.A deliberate and persistant attempt to harass a work force.
Foreman Rodney stared at me as he began his slow roll on his Ez-Go to harass me as I worked diligently.
by bigeasyone September 18, 2009
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A warm welcome is when you go to the master bathroom,turn off the water to the toilet,flush all the water out,take a dump,wipe your ass,then put the used paper between the pages of a magazine,or trashcan.turn the water back on,turn on the heater,and lock the door behind you.
Me and Jethro were at Flo's party the other night,she ran out of food and drink,so Jethro decided to leave her a Warm Welcome as a reminder to get it right next time!
by bigeasyone September 13, 2009
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