if gormless means "brainless" then the rules of english grammar require gorm to mean brain
Neil is missing his gorm
by Whatsreal January 13, 2005
Relating to the word gormless meaning someone who has no concept of what they are doing. Bacically an absolute moron.
ollie gittings was the original gorm
by willhale1994 October 26, 2014
Gorming... Is the process of mindlessly gazing into the window of nothingness contemplating weather said nothingness is going to lead you into the abyss of full blown boredom and numbness of absolute nothing
"Mate are you listening to what I'm saying?" ....

"Nah, man I was gorming hard"
by BigBamBoogie March 17, 2016
A gorm is a person who has no sense of focus, and can usually be found staring into space whilst catching flies.

Usually stupid, but smart people pull gorms to get out of answering questions etc.
teacher: michael? can you solve the equation?
friends(whispering): oh god, hes pulled a gorm. YES MISS ITS 17.

(to weird emo kid):alright gormo?
by hemel10 June 24, 2009
A cheap pedalboard for poor guitarist with many effects. Usually pieces of wood nailed together.
My GORM board is falling appart...
by Iplayguitargoodly August 29, 2010
The word Gormed defines getting absolutely fucked from drinking over excessive amounts of alcohol. However the word Gormed describes the situation when your suppose to only drink small amounts of alcohol until you drink to much without realising and getting absolutely fucked or how it now defines the new scenario GORMED.
sitting in a flat with friends having a quiet one in drinking a few beverages, then over excessive drinking because some one goes a bit to wild, GORMED
by nh1 October 8, 2011
Someone who is stupid or has lack of focus.

If you are refereed to as gormless you are so stupid that you are deprived of being called stupid.
By eck that lad's got gorm.
by blarby November 10, 2015