a. let me toast your gorm (warm your toes)
b. mm this food is gorm, gormalicous, gormy etc.
by chickennuggetswag December 28, 2021
Somebody with an abnormally large jaw.
"Look at the size of Ben's jaw"
"I know. He's a GORM!!!"
by Ben Harris aka GORM March 19, 2009
The act of getting so many members of the opposite sex to do things your way, it amazes even yourself. However, you cannot lie to them. Stretching the truth is allowed.
Bob - "I can't believe you got Jennifer, Melissa AND Jody to come over exactly an hour apart. And they actually think you are going to watch a T.V. show."

Eric - "Well I will be watching T.V... among other things ;)"

Bob - "You totally just pulled a Gorm."
*possible high fives*
by GormsMyGorms January 26, 2009
a definition of a skinny person that lives in the mountains. these where fabled to live 1000 years after christ.
"did you hear that?"
by eivind_fn June 10, 2005
Gormelys are fat and do nothing, they are also very annoying and copy everything everyone does, they smoke e-cigs to take the pain away and are extremely not funny,If your are called gormely by one of you friends they are telling you that your no longer like and that you should stop being friends with them,
Your starting to be a gormely
by Big boob 696942021 March 28, 2017
Gormelys are fat, unfunny, annoying, whinny, smoke e-cigs,follow people around and copy everything everyone does
Your starting to be a gormely
by Big boob 696942021 March 28, 2017
When someone tries too hard and ends up lonely
Yo that kid Jack is such a gorm
by FuckingFatCunt June 24, 2018