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term for having one's mouth wide open (for no apparent reason) sometimes when sleeping
Look, that girl is driving and catching flies at the same time!
by HoLoVanderwhitey February 25, 2008
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Term for a state of inebriation (Drunk as Fuck), where the human in this state is so messed up he begins to resemble a toad (to ugly to be a frog) catching flies. A.k.a. The Bain.
Example: Well boys looks like the little guy is done for the night, he’s catching flies.
by CanadainSamsquanch August 9, 2011
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A widely known expression often used to denounce the tactics of bad boys who use rude language to dismiss their peers.

First appeared in The Actual Bible, Mart 12:14, but has been used many times since in many different situations
"Sean I know you're trying to put up a bad boy front but have you ever heard the expression 'You catch more flies with coins than bills'?"
by coinman January 24, 2018
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