a noise made to symbolise disgust, tiredness, boredemness or something along those lines.
me: im so tired. eck.
by cosmic fooood September 7, 2003
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Used in the north, Mainly Sheffield.

Mainly to signify something you don't like/haven't done/disagree with.
'Did you snog her?'

'Did I 'eck!' (meaning no)


'Did you stay over?'

'Did I 'eckers like!' (meaning no)
by tumbletweed November 16, 2011
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a fat, bald celtic fan who often mistakes a chicken for a sex toy.likes sex with hibs fans called dave
i am a very good vending machine techican with a large gut and a face like davie dodds.
by j.cairns March 3, 2004
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1. a totally wangsta that don't no shit about the streets. 2. one who wears all da ecko shit but never been on the streets in his/her life and is a total suburbian. 3. A short ass boy who tries to dress "gangster" but don't no shit and is too pussy to talk to girls. He's also a mama's boy and spoiled like fuck.Also one with extremely large mouth and metal braces.
Girl: eck is hella gay look at that wangsta bitch!
Girl#2: shit ecks a fucking pussy.
GUy: dood stop acting eck you bastard.
by so fah lie March 5, 2005
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Every Crip Killa!
by DrowZy. October 21, 2003
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BB language for yes, yeah, and sure.
person 1: do u want mcdonald’s?
person 2: eck
by BB language July 10, 2018
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i word i destinctly remember emily inventing.

make up your own words, fatty
god, katie's a fat. eck!
by alex blows donkeys September 8, 2003
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