A person who has a high saliva content in the oral region and cannot contain the substance in their mouth with added gormless appearance.
Jake: *dribble*

Ben: has it started raining?

James: no its just jake the dribbly gorm dribbling on you

Jake: (makes gorm face) nom nom nom

Ben: omfg you slag contain your oral juices
by kendowned June 16, 2010
Staring into space generally out of it. Looking gormless, usually whilst Daydreaming.
by Gormer November 24, 2010
To enter the state of becoming gormless. Usual characteristics include glazed eyes, staring at nothing in particular, dropping of the lower jaw and in more severe cases formation of a globule of saliva, emerging from the corner of the mouth. Subject appears to have no control over their facial expressions.
Beryl was watching Neighbours so intently that she began to gorm off.
by zshbp April 19, 2007
popular food in iran; all the rockstars eat it to gain confidence
Jimmi Hendrix used to eat a lot of gorme zabzi, it made him more active
by cheese man123 July 28, 2005
Person 1:Oh my god! He’s such a dirty gorm!

Person 2: yes, I know, right? Purr
by s0lar.plut0 February 22, 2022
A person who really hasn't got it all going on upstairs...
Geez, what did he just say? That guy really is bereft of gorm...
by southi April 18, 2019
You "gormed" when you did something gormish, something which made you a gorm.
Guy 1: "Hey remember that really stupid thing I did yesterday?!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, you gormed."
by Misswolverine June 24, 2011