A measurement usually greater then a shit load or a shit ton. But not greater then a holly fuck ton.
You: That is a fuck ton of lettuce

Friend: Yes it is a fuck ton of lettuce
by Some guy. November 7, 2014
1) An unimaginable amount of something; so much of an object, item, or substance that it is immeasurable.
2) A lot more than an 'Ass Load' or 'Shit Ton'
There are an assload of cum sluts at Pitt University, but a fuck ton go to Florida State
by cojack June 3, 2005
Fuck-ton is used to express an outrageous amount of something.
Quite a bit more than a Shit Load or a Shit-ton.
I just got hit for a Fuck-ton of damage.
by shinakuma November 5, 2004
Alot of something. It is a combination of fuck and ton.
so instead of "a ton of stuff" you say "a fuck-ton of stuff"
Damn, you have a fuck-ton of cavities...I'm going to have to take these out.
by Vivianna April 4, 2008
I got paid yesterday so I'm going out to buy a fuck ton of beer
by A Rhys Kern January 16, 2006
The exact definition of a fuck-ton is 2 billion.
Joe: Dude, I just made $2 billion dollars from investing in the stock market.
Moe: Holy shit that's a fuck-ton!!!
Joe: Exactly!!!!!!!
by madmaxone November 14, 2010