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this has to be done on a female who has a huge bush (a lot of pubic hair). then grab a mouthful of pubes, rip em out, then go rahrahrahrah, like a lawnmower.
that fucking cunt had such a huge bush, that i had no choice but to pull the angry lawnmower out on her.
by shifty February 06, 2004

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A prostitute. In Spain, and other parts of Europe, "nancy" is a slang term for prostitue.
Could I have been a dancing nancy? - DJM
by Shifty December 05, 2004

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1. type of 'punch' made with fruit and everclear.
2. a phrase describing an anus (male of female) that is very hairy.
1. i need to drink some hairy buffalo.
2. Angela has got one big hairy buffalo.
by shifty February 04, 2004

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Ancient word originating from the deepest depths of the darkest ghettos. The term "KANX" refers to the expression, "Okay(?), thank you.", often used at the end of a sentance.

It has been passed down from generation to generation through only a select sect of chosen Indians and other South-Western Asians.

Suffixes include:
"Get five, KANX?"
"We're legit, KANX!"
"Fetch my spitoon woman, KANX!"
by SHIFTY December 03, 2004

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1.A percise measurement of something. Can be used for any substance, but is often used to describe something in a video game.
2.A LOT of something
1.How many bad guys are there?
A fuck ton

2.Thats a fuck ton of shit
by Shifty July 01, 2004

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a mild expletive, a term for a stupid person, or something to call someone when you are at a loss for other expletives.
"whatever wilba, you shflinktonui"

"ooohhhh well aren't you just a shflinktonui then?"
by shifty January 09, 2005

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the opitimy of cunts. only to be used as a last resort when all over insults have failed to achive the desired affect.
you mother's cunt, your bang in trouble.
by shifty February 06, 2004

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