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when you take a shit and it flies all over the toilet leaving the bowl all messy just like if you would take the toilet off the floor and slam it back down.
Man, someone pulled the angry gorilla on that shit pot!!!
by Shifty February 3, 2004
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this has to be done on a female who has a huge bush (a lot of pubic hair). then grab a mouthful of pubes, rip em out, then go rahrahrahrah, like a lawnmower.
that fucking cunt had such a huge bush, that i had no choice but to pull the angry lawnmower out on her.
by Shifty February 6, 2004
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Ancient word originating from the deepest depths of the darkest ghettos. The term "KANX" refers to the expression, "Okay(?), thank you.", often used at the end of a sentance.

It has been passed down from generation to generation through only a select sect of chosen Indians and other South-Western Asians.

Suffixes include:
"Get five, KANX?"
"We're legit, KANX!"
"Fetch my spitoon woman, KANX!"
by Shifty December 4, 2004
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the opitimy of cunts. only to be used as a last resort when all over insults have failed to achive the desired affect.
by Shifty February 6, 2004
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another term for 'Road Head'
i got a roadrunner today
by Shifty February 3, 2004
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old english term for "not very good at all. also see pisscutting.
what a pisscutter or this rain is proper piss cutting
by Shifty February 6, 2004
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1. type of 'punch' made with fruit and everclear.
2. a phrase describing an anus (male of female) that is very hairy.
1. i need to drink some hairy buffalo.
2. Angela has got one big hairy buffalo.
by Shifty February 5, 2004
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