She looks for the beauty in everything and is extremely independent. She's got a bit of trust issues, but definitely has an understanding of the world. Rosemary's love alone time and to pursue her hobbies. Rosemary's are elegant and beautiful and courteous, forever putting others before themselves. Rosemary's are kind-hearted and as gentle as a rose, as the name implies. When you're friends with a Rosemary, you'll be friends for life. She keeps secrets and would never betray anyone. Sometimes has a short temper, but usually only because she is trying to defend those she cares about.
Rosemary is the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by midnightdancer January 6, 2014
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Rosemary is a very sexy and beautiful girl. She is a girl that will always make you laugh and make you smile. She stands out from all the other girls because she´s so unique and bright with her amazing personality. Her qualities are interesting but very attractive. Every guy think she´s the cute one in class because she´s just that amazing and beautiful. If you are in a relationship with a rosemary, you are guarenteed to fall in love with her because she is unique and different from every other girl and she is just so special.
Rosemary is one special girl!
by kiingadrian1 February 25, 2018
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A sexy badass who everyone adores. She is very pretty and smart if you ever make her mad you should pray to god her temper can make you bleed without getting touched. If you're best friends with Rosemary then you're really lucky and should treat her well because Rosemary always defends you.
Omg look at Rosemary she is really mad
by Nashi Dragneel July 17, 2017
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A sweet kind gal who is shy and sensitive,Be very kind to her she's fragile. She always seems happy but inside is breaking Careful with her heart
Rosemary is so kind ikr she's always happy
by Alexa Red March 9, 2019
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Very shy but beautiful.
Omg why is Rosemary so shy.
by HAYL33 November 14, 2017
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Means "bitter rose", though far from being bitter herself. She laughs all the time and her smile can light up a room. She is a natural beauty. Though clumsy, she has the funniest stories to tell. Loves kids and loves her family and friends. Very smart.
Rosemary is very sweet and beautiful.
by Dude10 March 11, 2010
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Loving, caring, pretty, average height and an angelic voice. She is the best.
Rosemary: meaning "bitter rose"
by Ioryar January 4, 2019
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