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To trap the person you sleep with under the covers and fart.
Boy: I got you something

Girl: What ?


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To show someone attitude and cheek.
" Oh no you did not just sass me ! "

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Used to enhance facial feature or cover blemishes and imperfections on their faces like the eyes, lips and cheeks. Mainly used by women almost everyday, people have made cosmetic companies to sell these products like lip gloss, eyeshadow etc...
" I must find a dress that matches my Make Up. "

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A kind of Makeup for lips that adds shine and enhances color.
Lip gloss can be bought at cosmetics stores. e.g Essence
Girl one: I just got this new lip gloss called Sassy Strawberry Shortcake and it smells like berries !
Girl two: Mine is called Pretty Peach !

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A kind of eye makeup to enhance the length, density, volume and color of the eyelashes.

It is usually black or brown.
The mascara made her eyes pop.

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A word for perky, cute behavior.
That girl has such a bubbly personality.

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A furry domesticated feline.
That cat is so cute!

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