A cock smoker is a wood or charcoal burning oven used to cook - or smoke - cocks. Using indirect heat, they smoke your cock with a slow and gentle method that, in the end, leaves your cock moist, tender and very flavorful. Adding a variety of hard or soft woods to the fire will impart different flavors.

Evidence of the existence of cock smokers predates recorded history. Recently, cave drawings and other artifacts have shown the existence of extensive cock smoking amongst the earliest of the Homo sapien species, the Cro Magnon. This and other evidence leads many anthropologists to believe that man has been smoking cock since the dawn of time.
Taking advantage of a cock smoker, Bernie produced the most succulent, perfect and juicy cock he had ever laid his mouth on.
by Teapot AKA Nigtronic September 27, 2006
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Someone who is so obsessive about sucking the penis, they practically inhale it. Some might say addicted to dicks like a crack smoker is addicted to crack. AKA Cack smoker, Worshipper of cocks, cock cherisher.
Corey nowak is a real cock smoker along with his cack smoking friend joe.
by The almighty bunghole March 2, 2004
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one who smokes copious amounts of cock
"gees you smoke some serious cock"
by edos December 8, 2003
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(n.) - One who smokes the cock; a douchebag; a faggot; a homo.
Sam: Sorry man, I forgot to bring the beer.
Tom: You fucking cock smoker.
by emery73 July 6, 2007
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The action of smoking/sucking the cock until the filter (bausack noodle)
John: Miiiii bro Sandra smoked my tsautseek down to the fuckin Filt!
Captain sausage: sounds like she’s a real cock smoker
by Skellzmaster March 18, 2019
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A person who has surpassed cocksucker status. If every douchebaggery, sorry, backstabbing, lowdown thing they did was seen as them sucking cock, they'd look as natural sucking cocks as smoking cigars.
"Our yes-man co-worker sucks up to the boss constantly and makes us look bad. He's such a cock smoker."
by Sixkids412 February 9, 2018
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