large thing indigenous to the native county of ham-sons.
by Tim Perry December 2, 2006
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being a no-show to an event or activity
i waited for you at the game, but i was nowaked cause you didnt show up
by turkeygob September 30, 2010
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A person who's house you can go to and do whatever the hell you want! Has parties normally every weekend, and when they don't want them friends just show up anyways!
Lol Brandon's pulling a total nowak this weekend!!!
by Kraper March 6, 2008
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One with no wang or sak
by Ben February 12, 2005
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An adjective generally used to refer to a bad teacher or the teacher of a class that is usually referred to as one's "least favorite class of the day."
I really hate my 2nd period history class. The teacher is such a Nowak that they take away my interest in the subject.
by RedBedRedemption October 22, 2011
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A person who is intelligent and stable, who under duress, reverts back to primal emotions.
Lisa Nowak.
An astronaut who was involved in a love triangle. Showing no matter how intelligent or successful some people are, once instinct kicks in, even the best can be reduced to animals.
by zero aphex January 30, 2008
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the posterchild for cutting nasa funding. a deranged astronaut who attempted to assault (perhaps even kidnap) another women who she suspected was involved with her "lover". however, the problem was that nowak was already married (for 19 years) and that she wasn't actually in any type of relationship beyond friendship with the guy involved. nowak claims she just wanted to talk with the other chick, but ended up spraying her with mace when the other woman didn't comply. the cops found a knife and a mallet in her car, and they are now trying to charge her w/ attempted murder (which will be tough to prove). most people are trashing this story and making fun of nowak for driving 900 miles from houston to orlando to approach this woman, traveling nonstop and wearing diapers so her bladder didn't slow her down.
lisa nowak must have become delusional after her space voygae.
by Tit For Twat February 7, 2007
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