It is for when two folks are in a relationship and something needs to change, or slow down, or whatever and needs to be fixed to prevent someone from getting slaughtered.
Not to be confused with "break up".
"Hey, slow down lady. You are being all whiny, we need to brake up so you wont be all kinds of squeaky anymore."
by mrjswilson November 4, 2008
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to brake up with someone means to end a romantic relationship
"Preston and Kate have broken up" (brake up present perfect)
by Stew154 January 6, 2008
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An arrest resulting from when you’re driving with illicit substances in your vehicle and suddenly get pulled over, subsequently searched, and arrested due to your taillight being out. Term first heard by Mr. Nonsense
“Did you hear that Jimmy got arrested the other day?”
“Yeah man he was holding and got braked up, should’ve made sure to check his brake lights before he was carrying that much weight”
by Noahbuiltit October 13, 2021
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Having sex right before you brake up. The brake up usually occurs after both parties have orgasmed.
Guy 1: my girl and I had brake up sex last night but at least I got to fuck her one last time .
Guy 2: bro that sucks, did you at least get to finish though?

Guy 1: yeah of course.
Guy 2: nice
by Skullcruncher23 June 23, 2017
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You're in the midst of a breakup and feel like a different person. You find yourself spending a lot of time longing for your ex, constantly checking her Facebook updates, and wondering what went wrong. This shift in patterns of thought and behavior may be caused by neural changes that occur after a breakup.

Neuroimaging studies have found that being rejected, even by a stranger, activates many of the same regions in the brain as when experiencing physical pain. In one study, biological anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University recruited brave participants who held still in a functional MRI scanner while they looked at pictures of the person who had recently dumped them. These participants exhibited increased brain activity in several regions associated with reward, motivation, addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which helps to explain why you might struggle to let go after a romantic relationship ends.
Brain brake up when you start to understand the reason behind the pain it becomes educational 😀
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 22, 2019
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I was initially only going to be gone for a minute, but once I was in the bathroom I realized I needed to put the parking brake up.
by birdlaunch7 April 5, 2009
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