Bad luck - born under a bad sign, often the odds seem stacked against someone who is said to have Bad Luck

See also zushiba / `Frieza
by zushiba October 10, 2003
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A made up concept used to make people obey random rules like the following: "don't step under a ladder or you will have a week of bad luck" or "don't smash a window or you will have 7 years of bad luck" ect.
Sometimes this concept is used online to trick naive people into giving the person likes, comments, ect.
Dude 1: why are you following that person? That guy has shitty memes.
Dude 2: if I unfollow him I'll have bad luck!
Dude 1: are you being serious?
by (・∀・) July 20, 2020
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a fucking stupid cunt who won't stop following around and makes your life sad like the shitty idiot following you XDD
My friend has bad luck, why is a fucking non-exist crap following him?
by August 17, 2018
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Bad Luck is the fictional main band from the anime Gravitation. Through out the anime you hear many songs by them, such as, Spicy Marmalade, The Rage Beat, In the Moonlight, and Glaring Dream.
I love the song Bad Luck sang in the episode of Gravitation I just watched!
by DNfan89 August 15, 2011
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To have not one single redeeming quality.
Dude 1: None of the girls at the bar want to talk to me.
Dude 2: Dude, you are bad luck, stay away from me!
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When you fall on your back and break your penis.
Bro, what happened to your dick?
You wouldnt believe my bad luck.
by Videirapiupiu November 6, 2020
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An internet meme manifesting as an image macro showing a picture of a stereotypical nerd from a high school yearbook. The text that goes along usually tells of Bad Luck Brian's misdeeds. These are acts that he commits usually with good intentions but turning out to be bad through unforseen consequences or mistakes on Brian's part. Often he has defecated his pants while doing a courageous act quite unlike him.
Tries to fart stealthily: Shits.
Escapes a burning building: Gets hit by a fire truck.
Wins raffle for the first time: Hunger Games.
Stops, drops, and rolls: Into another fire.
by ZKtheMAN November 5, 2013
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