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Bad luck - born under a bad sign, often the odds seem stacked against someone who is said to have Bad Luck

See also zushiba / `Frieza
Jason has very Bad luck
by zushiba October 09, 2003
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Bad Luck is the fictional main band from the anime Gravitation. Through out the anime you hear many songs by them, such as, Spicy Marmalade, The Rage Beat, In the Moonlight, and Glaring Dream.
I love the song Bad Luck sang in the episode of Gravitation I just watched!
by DNfan89 August 14, 2011
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a fucking stupid cunt who won't stop following around and makes your life sad like the shitty idiot following you XDD
My friend has bad luck, why is a fucking non-exist crap following him?
by Izaak628 August 17, 2018
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