An arbitrarily chosen word used to refer to relationships with strong emotional bonds that fall outside of the typical romantic relationship but are more than just friendship.
"Are you guys dating!?"
"No, we're zucchinis."
by BokchoiBoy January 20, 2012
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In the italian speaking part of switzerland, a ironic way to describe the german speaking swiss.
Characterized by strange outfits, backpacking addiction and bizarre food habits.
Hey, Look at those zucchini with sandals and socks!
by Pazziammazzi August 6, 2014
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The act of taking any form of flexible storage (bag, pencil case etc.), taking everything out, turning the bag inside out, and putting everything back
"Yeah, I zucchinied his bag"
"What are you gonna do? Zucchini my bag?"
by Hot Gasoline February 27, 2019
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When one homosexual guy cums on another homosexual guys penis, thus giving it a natural lube that is creamy with a sticky texture, just like a zucchini
Last night got a little experimental. Joey and I got drunk and he zucchinied my weenie and then we did it in the dog's bed. It felt surprisingly good.
by MadMax98 July 17, 2017
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A long slender fruit God created for Eve when Adam was experiencing erectile dysfunction. Since then, it has been widely marketed as the edible dildo.
Oh my God! Look at her ass! .......... Yeah, could use a zucchini up that.
Zoey loves eating zucchini, smelling zucchini, and taking it up the ass.
My wife was being a bitch, so I made her suck my dick. Then I shoved a zucchini in her mouth to shut her up.
by Panbu1 April 6, 2011
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