Name meaning LIFE. FEMALE NAME.The best person you will ever meet. SHE is sweet,sexy,smart,attractive,weird,playful, and can be shy when you first meet her but then never shuts up after you know her for a while.SHE can be the best friend you've ever had or a great girlfriend. Never let go if you find someone name zoey because they are kind big hearted people that will make you feel loved.
Zoey is someone who makes someone's LIFE better.
by Disney angEL December 19, 2016
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Zoey is the most amazing girl anyone could ever meet. She puts others before herself, and will help you through any situation in your life. She is the reason you smile every moment of everyday. Zoey will make you feel something no one else can, she is great with words and definitely the best person you will come across!
Zoey is perfect
by MyNameIsAmazing December 17, 2017
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a free spirit. simply amazing. zoeys have huge hearts and are friends with everyone, as if there beauty isn't enough. zoeys can steal your heart with one look and you will be hooked for life. they have personalities like you have never seen, she is a hardworker and very responsible, takes nothing for granted and cherishes those close to her. she is funny, kind, caring, ambitious, strong, gorgeous, and loves all. if you have a zoey in your life, keep her close and never let her go!
by blahblah87 March 21, 2013
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Somebody that will make your day, someone that understands what you are going through. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, the one that puts a smile on your face, she is one of the stars in the night sky. She will take tour breath away, sometimes literally.
"Zoey is the one for you."
"Thus is the girl for you, Zoey!"
by NightmareMattu December 27, 2017
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Zoey is a light hearted, quirky girl. Her heart is full of love and she's up for a challenge. In a friend group, she's the person

that gets peer pressured to do
stupid shit. She's a gorgeous girl that many people have crushes on, but not too many because she's awfully shy.
Ken: Bro, did you see that hot new girl with the glasses?
Paul:Oh my god dude yea, she's super shy but i'm still totally crushing.
Ken: What a Zoey😍
by CheetoGirl1231 August 9, 2017
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She is a sweet and fun girl to be around. She will be on YouTube or texting with her friends in her spare time. She is also a very creative person. Norhing stands in her way. Her strengths are chocolate, cats, and friendship. Her weeknesses are being alone, self doubt, and maybe a rollercoaster if she is not careful...
The only way you can get on her bad side is if you stab her in the back or make a mean comment about her. Getting on her good side? Nobody know, it just happens...
"Isn't Zoey so sweet? She gave me that look on her face you know?"
by WafflezCatz December 7, 2017
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Really hot, sexy, and almost always talented in some way. A lot of the time she prefers a small group of friends. Guys, if you know a Zoey, don't be afraid to say hi. She is nice to everyone when she doesn't get annoyed.
Guy: hey, I've never seen her before. Dayummm she hot.

Friend: you should talk to her, I hear she's really nice. She's a Zoey.
by unknown37472 December 2, 2013
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