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1. Derogatory term used by nationalists often to describe African-Americans/Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Latinos, and many more ethnic groups.
(Person 1)Dipshit: ThIS PeRSOn iS a sUb-HuMAn
(Person 2)Normal Person: Hey nationalist dipshit, fug off!
(Person 3)Victim: .... Your one of the lowest of low lifes I have ever seen (Victim talking to Person 1)
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When you attempt to submit 20 or more words a day and loose ideas for words
He finished his 20-24 Word Submission Goal for the day.
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The one and only true Roman successor unlike the Holy Roman Empire buttholes.
1. I miss the Byzantine Empire, forget the Holy Roman Empire and Frankish Empires
2. The Byzantine Empire should have won 1453
3. The Byzantine Empire will destroy those Holy Roman Empire Infidels
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Not to be confused with Armenians, Arameans are an ancient race of people living in Jordan, Israel/Palestine, and the Damascus part of Syria.
Arameans have an important history on the middle east in the Holy land (Israel) and have their language Aramaic.
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