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Known as when a Human gets angry or smashes their keyboard.
Jimmy, stop smashing your keyboard!
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The most stupidest philosophy in the world taught in schools and school assemblies. People who believe in this are gay and want to commit Alabama at the same time.
Everyone is a sibling is the worst philosophy.
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Two es side by side, one is the right way up, the other is upside down.
eə can be shown together, and no it is not I! or 69.
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Known well for it's scary sounds and unexpected demonic screams. It is meant to alert people about a child that has been missing or kidnapped.
1. Random Politician: Amber Alerts at 3AM would be good for waging phycological terror on the citizenry!
1A. Some dictator: You sir, are a very bright man. You should be my heir!
2. An alert on phones or tv, by the county meant for helping progress to find children lost or abducted
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The Funny Space Man game for all of your murderous tendencies and wanting to learn friendship breaking abilities!
(Lorus 1:1)
The game Among Us was declared heretical under the Edict of Games in Internetia, and became a sin to play. Sus, Sys, Ses, and Soos were banned including Amogus, Amongus, Among Us, Amog us, Amogud, Amog ud, Amogudus, Amogus Sus, Sussy, Susser, Sussy Susser, and any combination of these words. Then the Amongians revolted, screaming Impostor, Sus, GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD as they stormed the halls of the Golden Citadel. The Holy Army of 540 defeated the enemy Amongians, wiping out the thousands of them roaming the wide halls and lasting for hours as the Edict was decided upon. Later on, the Amongians were declared a threat, and so the Minions force feed the Amongians the Minion Meme elixirs, which lead to the Amongians deaths and were no longer a threat. The last of the Amongians though escaped to Cypris, which quickly killed them with only 1 remaining. (It is said to have been killed in 512 AD in the Spring Solstice, making the World Rupture, and cursing 563 to occur)
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A person who rapes or fucks with animals, especially raping them
Animal Rapers eventually become psychopaths due to slitting the intended animal's throat
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